Trusted Snellville and Lawrenceville, GA Siding Contractors

There is no siding problem we can't fix

Have you noticed cracks, discoloring, or gaping holes in your siding? Years of wear and tear and severe weather will take a toll on your home. Visible signs of damage can make your home look old and lower it's value and curb appeal.

The siding contractors at Tom's Home Repair are experienced in all kinds of siding repair. We work with vinyl, fiber cement, and metal siding. Different materials require different techniques and our siding contractors are experts at them all.

Our team will work to find new a color that matches your existing color perfectly so when your siding repair is complete you won't even be able to tell the difference.

If your home needs siding repair it's important to respond quickly and not leave your home vulnerable. Even small damages can exposure your home to much bigger problems such as moisture and mold. Small holes in your siding are perfect spaces for bees and wasps to build hives in.

Not sure if you need the help of a siding contractor? Here are some signs that your home's siding might be damaged:

• Cracks or peeling paint
• Moisture in your home
• Higher utility bills
• Decay or termite damage
• Blistering or bubbling

If you have seen any of these problems on your home's exterior, call Tom's Home Repair today for siding repairs in Snellville and Lawrenceville, GA.